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Semi Framed And Frameless Shower Screen Adelaide

semi framed shower screen Adelaide

Structural framework of a building is established by the fitting and installation of structures like windows, doors, railings, staircases, roofs, showers, mirrors, glasses, etc. All these makeup the physical curb appeal of a building, be it a residence or commercial building. This eventually makes the building functional as it is completely links the interior and exterior as well as usable for the people living or working. For areas or rooms like bathrooms which is one of the most frequently visited premises of a construction property, semi framed shower screen in Adelaide are common to be installed. The external perimeter of the shower is framed while the internal glass screen is frameless. On the other hand, frameless shower screen Adelaide usually is not provided with any type of framing and is only made up of with thicker glass materials in comparison to other shower screens. Only metal clamps are used for opening and closing of the shower, no framing is used for it. These offer better and long term functional efficiency unlike framed shower screens.

Semi framed shower screen Adelaide

Traditionally, bathrooms were the part of a building which used to be kept simple and not glamourized by any interior décor feature. However, the trend is now changed from mirror work to shower details all need to be interiorized for a perfect final look. Showers are now provided with screens to secure and create a boundary for the showering area. One such variety of shower screens is the semi framed shower screen Adelaide which is provided with the installation of metal, wooden, framed, and glass material in its composition.

Semi framed shower screen Adelaide are the transparent glass screen which are designed in such a way that it is developed using 1/4th inch clear glass material. The hinges linked with shower screen are of aluminum source which are attached with glass. Such a combination makes the overall look of the shower enclosure quite light with long term shelf-life.

Frameless shower screen Adelaide

Shower screens are the enclosures that form a fine boundary for the showering area. These screens are of three types: framed, frameless, and semi-framed ones. Frameless shower screen Adelaide are not provided with any type of thin or thick material frame to support the glass, however, only the metal clamps are available to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the door.

The quality of frameless shower screen Adelaide is that natural and artificial light can cross through the glass screen which eventually improves the level of visibility. Unlike framed, frameless shower screens are not supplemented with additional support structures, the glass itself is sturdy and strong enough to withstand at its position of installation.


Semi framed shower screen Adelaide is an enclosure that is provided with metal clamps, frames, and hinges to support glass screen. Whereas, frameless shower screen Adelaide is not aided with such additional support, the thick glass is sturdy enough.