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Things To Be Aware Of When Building A Strong Base For Our Home

Just like we need our feet and legs on which to stand on and function normally, the base and the footings of your home need to be structurally sound for the home to be safe and strong as well. Reinforced concrete is what is used in the majority of constructions to build the base and the footings because it is the most durable thing out there. There are three main types of bases that can be built for a home; full basement, crawlspace and slab-on-grade. The style will greatly depend on the country and the region that you live in.

Full Basement Style

Full basement homes can be found in many areas. This includes footings that have been placed deep under the frost depth of the area. There will be walls which are about eight feet in height and that will enclose a four inch thick concrete slab that has been made with poured concrete. This also gives an additional room to the house that is often used for mechanical work and storage purposes. If you want to also build a washroom here think of including grinder pump and you might also want to install some rigid foam insulation underneath the slab, because it will act as protection and will also make the room a lot more comfortable. Seal up the base underground so that you will not need to think about underpinning after a several seasons of rains and damp weather. Browse this website to find out more details. 

Crawlspace Style

The biggest difference between this and the one above is that here there is no large basement kind of room and instead there is a crawlspace. The footings are placed in the same way beneath the frost depth of the area. There are vent openings in many of these crawlspace type bases which they say is to allow for ventilation to prevent any moisture from building up, but it has been noticed that this practice tends to backfire a bit and lets moisture inside. Then the home becomes the perfect habitat for mildew and fungus which is harmful to all the people living in the home as it can spread through air and you can breathe it in causing respiratory distress. Make sure that you seal out everything so that moisture cannot get in if the damage is too much you may have to get the help of a restumping service Melbourne to rectify it.


This is what the name suggests exactly and consists of a concrete slab that is poured at grade level which will serve the purpose of becoming a sub-floor below the main living area of the home. There will be some shallow footing around the edges of the slab that will transfer the weight of the walls to the ground. Before the pouring happens make sure to spread some gravel on the slab area that will guarantee proper drainage. Wire mesh will need to be used so that cracking can be avoided and electrical as well as plumbing requirements will need to be installed as well.