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Importance Of Picking The Right Bathroom Tiles


The first thing when someone talks about home renovations which comes in mind is usually the kitchen or the bedroom. Normally, for most people the bathrooms are at the bottom of the list. Even though other rooms are important but every now and then it is crucial that you also pay some attention to the room where you visit at least a couple times every day. Not only is it a place where some people have gotten some of the best ideas in their lives, also unfortunately, it is also a place where many accidents occur due to lack of attention to the tiles that are chosen.

There are thousands of people in Australia alone every year who slip in the bathroom and end up with a serious injury. Most hip injures which you are going to hear about among people over the age of forty and hip issues, and many of them are due to slipping in the bathroom. So why wait for something so unfortunate to happen? It is always better to take quick notice to such things in order to avoid these tragedies. Which is why in this article we will be discussing the importance of picking the right bathroom tiles.

Minimising Risk

Although regardless of what tiles you choose, there is always a chance of an accident. However, what you can do on your part is minimise that risk. Usually when someone speaks about tiles, marble is one of the first option which comes in mind for most people. Choosing marble as your bathroom tiles is not an ideal option regardless of how aesthetic the material is. There are other great options tiles for bathroom which are not only slip-resistant such as porcelain and ceramic, but also they are extremely famous as bathroom tiles so they are easily available.

Aesthetic Appeal

Now that we have spoken about the most important thing which is to avoid injuries and minimise the risk, there are other benefits of choosing materials such as ceramic for bathroom tiles. Not only are they slip-resistant and a perfect match for your bathrooms but they also do not lack when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Because of course, if you are renovating, it is normal that you would want to go for something which brings an attractive touch to your house.

Property Value

Another bonus about renovating your bathroom and getting new bathroom tiles and bathroom vanities installed which most people often do not take into consideration is the affect it has on your overall property value. If you plan on selling your house sometime in the future, then installing new tiles to your bathroom is definitely something you should consider because it will increase the value of your property.

It is important to address problems before they create an even bigger problem. Which is why, make sure that you and your family members are safe and get new bathroom tiles installed which are slip resistant to avoid any accidents.