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Types Of Doors And Decorative Screen Door


From a residence to a commercial building, the construction process is quite strenuous, laborious, selective, exciting and challenging. This extensive process is comprehensive in span because of the availability of numerous raw materials, resources, customization and standard options for structural, technical, mechanical and electrical products. Windows and doors are the structures which are mandatory from construction point of view as the absence of these properties will make the building appear incomplete. Door is a movable feature structure which is present in every building for maintaining the gateway passage. It can be installed as a doorway for an entire building entrance or individual rooms, building wall and section or partitions. On the other hand, the extensive options in the styles, colors, sizes, dimensions and set-up in the door choices offer beautiful gateways for buildings. One of these is the decorative screen door which is grand in appearance, brighter and long-lived than the traditional light doors which were the trend of construction in the past. The main front of such door is beautifully sketched, carved and designed in various patterns and layouts.

Decorative screen door

In comparison to the highly maintained flat door, currently the decorative screen door is preferred for installation in residential as well as commercial buildings. These perfectly fit for the main front door at the exact entrance of building but some lavishly constructed homes, decorative screen door can be found to be fitted in each room too. There screen is more aesthetically pleasing than a flat door surface.

Decorative screen door is made from natural raw materials like wood, steel or metal but the main difference lies in the patterns and layout intricate in their customization. These directly are not available in markets as ready-made door but are manufactured on order basis as structural and dimension requirements are necessary to accomplish for accurate door positioning.


Opening of a building or a room is mediated by doors which can be of different types based on their structural, technical and physical parameters. The opening and closing functions of a door remains same though any position of installation is determined in a building. Doors vary in strength, durability, architectural design, resistance, waterproof ability, damage survival approach and longevity. The better a door falls into each the mentioned criteria, more it is considered efficient for installation.

There are some doors which are constructed in a manner that it incorporates stone, glass, aluminum, metal and wooden raw material in combination as door design. Doors are hinged to frameworks which are moved in such a way that it allows people to pass through from one location to another location.


Decorative screen door is usually installed in highly maintained buildings with exteriors aesthetically appealing. This type of heavily carved and patterned door is more common than the flat door surfaces. Doors are movable barriers between the exteriors and interiors of a building. These vary in styles, color, sizes and patterns.For further information please visit our website: