What You Didn’t Know About These Brands

Today, in the market there are so many brands that exist. They cater and offer different products to satisfy human needs and wants. However, there is always a story behind each and every one of them. some known and others, unknown. Here are some such unknown stories behind these famous brands.

FedEx hit the jackpot, literally!

During the initial stages of introducing FedEx as a courier service provider in the early 1970s, the firm was suffering from major losses and costs of initial introduction. They were facing such a difficult situation that they couldn’t even dream of meeting and covering financial targets and commitments, especially with losing up to millions of dollars every month. And so, while waiting for the plane, the founder of FedEx Fred Smith, decided to impulsively catch a flight to Vegas. He won $27,000 while playing Blackjack. And that was what was used to bring back the company back from its falling state. And so FedEx hit the jackpot literally from there onwards! And today vehicle graphics Perth with their brand and logo are common sites in many countries and cities.

A determined tractor manufacturer

Did you know that initially Lamborghini was only a tractor manufacturer? Probably not. The owner of this, Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a man who had a lot of interest over automobiles and luxury cars like the Ferrari. And so, one day while he was doing to maintenance check of his own Ferrari, he noticed that the clutch of the car which was one that was very much similar to one that is used in a tractor, had broken. And so, when he decided to ask for a replacement from Enzo Ferrari, he was dismissed saying that he was only a tractor manufacturer that new nothing about such cars. And that was the start for the luxury car we are all dying to own, a Lamborghini!

Thank Germany for losing the world war 2

The only reason we are accustomed to the world famous brand; BMW is because Germany lost the world war 2. During the war days, BMW was an air craft manufacturer that supplied war planes for the battle. However, with the ending of the war and Versailles treaty being put in to action, they had to cease production of these, as a part of a clause. And so, instead of shutting down once and for all, they decide to move towards the motorcycle industry and then to the manufacturing of cars, as we are all familiar with today. Their ideal signage or brand logo is designed as a tribute to their good old days of manufacturing war aircrafts! Every brand and its owners, have a long story to tell. A story that has many hardships and challenges involved. However, overcoming these in a positive way is what has made them achieve such levels of unimaginable success. So if you are facing a hard time with your firm and brand, don’t worry keep going, there is always a rainbow at the end of the storm. In order to get to the good times, you need to first get through the bad ones. So don’t be discouraged and keeping working hard!