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Types And Uses Of Hand Tools

multi grips

Hand tools hold a great significance in performing everyday tasks with respect to industrial work. Hand tools are in use since a very long time and they are very effective to carry out any work efficiently. There are various different types of hand tools out of which some of them can be used for different jobs and some hand tools are very specific which means they only work for one particular job. If you want to carry out the best work, then you should know every detail about those hand tools which you are going to use to carry out your work. Lack of knowledge pertaining to these hand tools may lead to danger and injuries. Hence, it is essential to have a proper knowledge about hand tools to carry out any work perfectly.

Property use of hand tools is more important than any other thing such as the speed of work. To carry out any work properly, it is vital to choose the right tool for that particular job. A craftsman should know what tools are need to perform the job if he does not want the quality of work to suffer. Let us discuss some of the types of tools and their uses.


 A hammer is particularly designed to give force to any object. Hammer comes in different sizes and weight depending upon the type of work. It is made of a wooden stick, and the metal is attached on top of it which has two sides, one is round and the other one is edgy. Hammer is not only used for single purpose but it is versatile. You can knock down something with the help of hammer and if you want to nail something in the wall such as screw, then hammer would work for it too.

Rivnut Tool

Rivnut tool is also the type of hand tool which is used to insert rivnut into the hole. Rivnut is designed to provide a lasting and secured insert of rivnut to be placed in the hole. You just need to insert rvinut into the hold and then use rivnut tool to drill it which creates pressure at the opposite side of rivnut creating protuberance on the back side of the rivnut.

Multi grips

Multi grips is a type of wrench. Multi grips are the types of hand tools which are used to control the thickness of nuts and jaws and they are adjustable meaning they can be used for any type of jobs irrespective of the size.

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